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ET Online – CSI New York Season 9 DVD Bloopers

CSI NY Promo “Command+P”

Fridays in New York! – New CBS Promo

CSI Trilogy begins tonight!

Thought I would post this for any of the CSI die-hards out there. CBS is doing the big Trilogy cross over this week, so the story starts tonight on CSI Miami. Here’s the promo video to get an idea.

CSI:NY 601 screencaptures

CSI:NY sixth season premiered last night, and you can see screencaptures of first episode in our gallery. We’re going to another great season, more drama, Adam&Stella-one-night-wonder, and a very sad Flack to my taste. I still don’t get why they needed to take Angell off the show. Let us know your own impressions about the […]

“The Narrows” trailer #2

The US release of “The Narrows” is set to May 29! I added screencaptures of a second trailer, with new Eddie scenes, the official poster and also the trailer is up in our video section. GALLERY LINKS • The Narrows: Trailer #2 Screencaptures • The Narrows: Poster • The Narrows: Watch the trailer

“Kings Vision” video interview

I just found this video today, featuring Eddie being interviewed during a hockey game. It was done in Staples Center, a very know arena located in Los Angeles, during a LA Kings game. You’ll find the captures in our gallery, and the video, as always, in our video center. Related Links • NHL Interview at […]

‘The Narrows’ trailer

Finally! After some months of waiting, finally I was able to got the “The Narrows” official trailer. This movie has its premiere in the latest Toronto Movie Festival, last year, and it’s awaiting a release date, yet. Until we wait, you can see the trailer in our video vault. Screencaptures were also added to the […]

CSI:NY Captures and videos

As promised, added screencaptures of both last CSI:NY episodes, “The Box” and “Triangle”. Videos of episodes were added as well. Related Links • CSI:NY 5th season – 5×09 – The Box screencaptures • CSI:NY 5th season – 5×10 – Triangle screencaptures

Dawson’s Creek screencaptures

Just added the screencaptures of Dawson’s Creek episode which Eddie made a guest appearance. Also, a video was added to our video vault. Related Links • Dawson’s Creek (2002) – 6×09 – Everything Put Together Falls Apart Screencaptures • Dawson’s Creek (2002) – 6×09 – Everything Put Together Falls Apart Video