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New episode still for CSI New York featuring Eddie!

We’ve got our first look at Flack this season on CSI New York!

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And here is the info for the episode!

“Unfriendly Chat” – When a young woman appears to be strangled while participating in a live online chat that Adam witnesses, the CSIs must determine if it was real or a hoax, and locate where the possible victim is, on CSI: NY, Friday, Oct. 1 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Eddie talks about the new season!

Can you get me some scoop on ‘CSI: NY’s Flack? Pleeeease! – emilyhawks via Twitter
Factoring in the Sept. 24 season premiere’s time jump, it is now well over a year since Flack lost Detective Angell, so you can count on his angsty days being behind him. “As a result of playing all that [last season], I personally felt that the character started to feel a little alienated,” says Eddie Cahill, “so I am longing to get back into the groove.” Flack however is not immediately pegged for a new love interest; instead, EP Pam Veasey tells me that Hawkes (played by Hill Harper) is due for a hook-up.
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