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Updated CSI New York Stills

I’ve added 2 new stills to the gallery from the next to upcoming CSI New York episodes. Eddie Cahill Gallery > Television > CSI New York > 6×20 – Unusual Sespects Eddie Cahill Gallery > Television > CSI New York > 6×21 – Tales from the Undercard

CSI New York Caps up!

I’ve updated last night’s episode of CSI New York to the gallery to check out. Interesting to see Flack take a more supporting role in the episode. Eddie Cahill Net Gallery > CSI New York > 6×19 – Redemptio

New CSI New York Screencaptures!

Been too long since we had Eddie & a new CSI New York, but there was one last night and I’ve updated the screencaptures in the gallery. Eddie Cahill Gallery > CSI New York > 6×18 – Rest in Peace, Marina Garito Screencaptures

Sneak Peek: A CSI:NY Water Emergency

Does detective Stella Bonasera drown on tonight’s edge-of-your-seat episode of “CSI: NY”? ET takes you straight to the set of the hit CBS show! Tonight’s suspenseful episode finds Melina Kanakaredes’ character (Det. Bonasera) on the verge of death, but does Eddie Cahill (Det. Don Flack) come to the rescue? Watch the video to find out! […]