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“Manhattanhenge” screencaptures added to gallery

Screencaptures from last night’s CSI New York “Manhattanhenge” are now up in the gallery. CSI New York > Screencaptures > 6×09 – Manhattanhenge

2 new CSI New York stills!

2 new MQ stills for Eddie are up in the gallery for an upcoming CSI New York-and it looks like a night of random guest stars!

Cuckoo’s Nest Screencaptures added

AMAZING Eddie episode last night as Flack hit rock bottom. There’s over 200 HQ screencaps from the episode up–yea, a lot but too many amazing moments to add.   6×08 Cuckoo’s Nest

“Hammer Down” screencaps up

AMAZING scenes this week as part of the whole CSI Trilogy–loved how they worked in Flack to the story. CSI New York > Screencaptures > 6.07 Hammer Down

CSI Trilogy begins tonight!

Thought I would post this for any of the CSI die-hards out there. CBS is doing the big Trilogy cross over this week, so the story starts tonight on CSI Miami. Here’s the promo video to get an idea.

“It happened to Me” Screencaptures added

Just a great CSI NY last night–with of course some amazing Eddie scenes. The screencaptures are all up in the gallery to check out. CSI New York > Season 6 > 6×06 – It Happened to Me

CBS orders more CSI:NY

CBS has upped the episode orders of How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, NCIS: LA, CSI: Miami, and Two and a Half Men from 22 to 24, while requesting one additional episode of Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, CSI, and The Mentalist, bringing their totals from 22 to 23. […]

“The Narrows” screencaptures

I’ve just added 400+ screencaptures of “The Narrows” to the gallery. What a movie! And poor Nicky boy. Eddie is just awesome in the movie, very intense. If you didn’t saw it yet, don’t miss the chance. Movies > The Narrows > Screencaptures