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Upcoming News about Flack this season!

TV Guide has a look at what’s coming next this season for Flack!

What’s next for CSI: NY’s Det. Flack, after Det. Angell’s death? Will we see him grieve? — Clarisse
TIM: Hey, he’s a tough guy, but he’s not a machine. Expect to see everyone who knew Angell to mourn her loss — and for Flack to deal with it by focusing on his work. His best tribute to her, he decides, is to be the best cop he can be.

Season 06 Premiere Dates Announced!

CBS has announced last week the returning date of our favorite serie: Wednesday, Sept. 23

Also, some casting news. Will be a new regular female cast on the show. The lady is Sarah Carter, and she will play a new clean-up tech who aspires to someday work in the crime lab. We’ll find out later in the season that she’s hiding a secret.

Ausiello has sure that it’s not a replacement for either Anna Belknap or Melina Kanakaredes. Both are officially returning next season. Not sure about the rest of the cast.

Introduction and CSI:NY Season 1 Screencaptures

First an introduction–I’m Colleen, and Luciana was so kind enough to allow me to help out here at  I’ve been a huge fan of Eddie from his role on CSI New York, and I’m so excited to be a part of the site.

To start off, I’ve added the first 5 episodes of screencaptures of season  1 of CSI:NY to the gallery.

Gallery Link

  • 1×01 – Blink
  • 1×02 – Creatures of the Night
  • 1×03 – American Dreamers
  • 1×04 – Grand Masters
  • 1×05 – A Man a Mile