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CSI:NY 5.21 – “The Past, Present and Murder” Promotional Photos

Added to the gallery promotional pictures of 5.21. When a man falls 52 stories to his death, and his body goes missing after it hits the ground, with no body to process, the CSIs must treat this strange development as a missing persons case Gallery Links • CSI:NY 5th Season – 5×21 Promotional Pictures

A.J. Buckley Talks of CSI: NY Death

A.J did this week a short interview to TV Guide, talking about his role in Supernatural, and also about the CSI:NY finale season. See some excerpts of the interview: Speaking of things you can’t talk about, let’s discuss the season-finale death that reportedly will “forever change” CSI: NY…. Buckley: Literally, when I found out […]

CSI:NY Promotional Pictures

I did a little CSI:NY gallery update, and uploaded all promos I had in my computer, since first season. 99% in HQ quality. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it. There’s some episodes missing, I’ll be working in upload it as soon I’m able to get it. • CSI:NY 1st Season Promotional and Episodic • CSI:NY […]

‘Communication Breakdown’ screencaptures

We’re alive!!! Sorry for the lack of updates here, I’ve been really busy with real life and other sites. I just uploaded screencaptures of latest CVSI:NY episode (Flack & Angell

Exclusive: ‘CSI: NY’ says RIP to one of its own

From “The Ausiello Files” “That’s right,” says CSI: NY executive producer Peter Lenkov. “We lose a member of our family [in the season finale] — and that’s just in the first 10 minutes.” The other 50 minutes of the hour will probably be pretty killer, too. Leading up to it is episode 5.22, titled “Yarzheit,” […]