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A.J. Buckley Talks of CSI: NY Death

A.J did this week a short interview to TV Guide, talking about his role in Supernatural, and also about the CSI:NY finale season.

See some excerpts of the interview: Speaking of things you can’t talk about, let’s discuss the season-finale death that reportedly will “forever change” CSI: NY….
Buckley: Literally, when I found out that something was going down, I didn’t sleep that night. The god’s honest truth is that none of us know [who is being killed off]. We have no idea. You’re saying that at this moment [March 20], nobody on the cast knows who’s dying?
Buckley: Not one person. We have all been buzzing on the set, “Who is getting killed?” It’s created so much anxiety! It could be any one of us. I’m terrified to open up the [season finale] script when we get it in a couple weeks. This is such a family, it will be devastating to see anybody go. No joke, I will cry, I’ll be so bummed.

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CSI:NY Promotional Pictures

I did a little CSI:NY gallery update, and uploaded all promos I had in my computer, since first season. 99% in HQ quality. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

There’s some episodes missing, I’ll be working in upload it as soon I’m able to get it.

• CSI:NY 1st Season Promotional and Episodic
• CSI:NY 2nd Season Promotional and Episodic
• CSI:NY 3rd Season Promotional and Episodic
• CSI:NY 4th Season Promotional and Episodic
• CSI:NY 5th Season Promotional and Episodic

‘Communication Breakdown’ screencaptures

We’re alive!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates here, I’ve been really busy with real life and other sites. I just uploaded screencaptures of latest CVSI:NY episode (Flack & Angell <3 ) - Thanks to Mandy for letting me use it.

• CSI:NY 5th Season – 5×19 Screencaptures

I’ll be uploading the previous 5th season screencaptures we’re missing today.

Exclusive: ‘CSI: NY’ says RIP to one of its own

From “The Ausiello Files

“That’s right,” says CSI: NY executive producer Peter Lenkov. “We lose a member of our family [in the season finale] — and that’s just in the first 10 minutes.”

The other 50 minutes of the hour will probably be pretty killer, too. Leading up to it is episode 5.22, titled “Yarzheit,” which features not only Lou Grant… er, Ed Asner but also comic legend Shelley Berman. In this one, “Our CSIs find themselves investigating a crime that takes them into the world of racism and bigotry, only to uncover a deep, dark secret that dates back to the Holocaust,” teases Lenkov. “Also in this episode, Mac will learn something about his father he never knew.

“And in the season finale” — which also has Craig T. Nelson winding up his arc — “the CSI: NY team is on the trail of a team of sophisticated kidnappers-turned-cop killers,” he continues. “Their crime will forever change the CSI: NY lineup.”

So who do you think bites the dust? Danny? Lindsay? Mac? Stella? Post your theories in the comments section!

OMG. Now, i’m desperate!